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Anthony Moreira, Owner of ELITE TURF CARE, founded the company in 2012 with the goal of creating a personalized lawn care business. After spending 8 years in the fertilizer industry, Anthony realized that there was something important missing: a focus on customer service. While working with larger ferilitzer and pest control companies, he noticed that the main focus was on production, and the customers' needs were an afterthought. This industry flaw led to Anthony's ambition to create ELITE TURF CARE.

The mission of ELITE TURF CARE is to provide timely applications, use superior products, and work cohesively with the customer. Anthony believes that a strong emphasis on these three components will provide customers with their desired results. ELITE TURF CARE guarantees that their customers will be happy with their services. If a customer is not satisfied, we offer free service calls with a 48-hour turn-around to correct the issue.

ELITE TURF CARE provides fertilizer and pest control services to residential and commercial customers throughout Central and parts of Eastern Massachusetts. If you are interested in a free, no obligation quote, please contact ELITE TURF CARE at: or call 978-537-4912.


The ELITE Team

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