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The Elite Guarantee

We guarantee all of our customers will be happy with our lawn care/pest control services, if you are not satisfied, contact us and we will perform a free service call within 48 hours to correct any issues.


After 30 days if payment is not received, a 1.5% percent interest will be added to your balance. After 60 days of non-payment, the account will be put on hold until balance is paid. Our payment options include Mastercard, Visa and American Express. If a credit card is decline, we will wait 1 business day before running a second time. If the card is declined a second time, the account will be put on hold until an alternative payment option is received. Elite Turf Care also accepts cash and personal checks. If a check is declined, a $35 fee will apply and the account will be put on hold until an alternative payment option is received.

Cancellations/Postponing services

Elite Tur Care's services renew from year to year, treatment to treatment. The customer is responsible for cancelling/postponing prior to applications. Balances are expected to be paid in full 30 days after cancellation.


Elite Turf Care cannot be held responsible for lost or injured pets. No service will be performed if a pet is outside. We will do our best to shut all gates or block off entries. If you need to be notified prior to us coming to perform a service, we do offer call ahead services if needed.

Elite Prepay

Elite Turf Care offers a discount of 8% if the customer wishes to prepay prior to the beginning of the season by January 31st. We also offer a February and March discount as well. We may offer a discount for new customers who are signed up during the year if they choose to do so.

One-Time Applications

Elite Turf Care offers one time applications to our customers. We do require payment upon the application for one time services, and offer 1 service call with that application.

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