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Pest Control Services

"The first step of pest control is prevention"

Elite Turf Care recognizes the importance of protecting your family and pets from insects and the diseases they can potentially bring. That is why we use the best equipment in the industry and superior product to get longer lasting and the best results possible. Here are some of our pest control services we offer. 

Mosquito Spraying(4-7 round program)

Elite Turf Care uses a motorized mist back pack sprayer to hit any land boundaries, lawn sections, pool areas and any other areas prone to these insects. Help protect your family from EEE and lyme disease with our mosquito spraying. Preventive practices such as dumping out buckets or barrels full of water, eliminating trash around the outside of the house, getting rid of rotting wood and piles of leaves in the yard are all ways to help rid your yard of mosquito's. 

Flea and Tick Applications(6-7 round program)

Elite Turf Care uses granular product around your entire yard to protect your family and pets from these disease carrying insects. Our granular product provides longer lasting and better results. This is a 6-7 round program depending on your needs. These applications need to be watered in within 48 hours for the best results. If you do not have irrigation, Elite Turf Care will do the best we can to accommodate your needs. 

Perimeter Pest Control(7 round program)

Elite Turf Care protects your home by applying a liquid product from a back pack to the foundation of your home every month. Perimeter Pest Control can help prevent ants, ticks, certain types of beetles and many other types of insects from invading your home. This area will need to be avoided for 24 hours after the application is performed and cannot be washed off. If an ant issue is detected, ant traps might be required after the first few applications inside the home for best results.

Mice Prevention/Control

Elite Turf Cares Mice prevention and control checks the exterior and interior of your home for prevention methods, entry points and any other issues that may attract these un wanted pests. We have several different programs including monthly, every other month and yearly programs to choose from.

Surface Insect Control(1-2 round program)

Elite Turf Care uses a granular product to protect your lawn from being damage from ants, chinch bug, sod web worm and other damaging insects. These surface insects can cause compaction, bare areas, thinning out of existing grass leading to thousands of dollars in repairs. This product may require multiple applications

depending on your properties needs. Timing and watering is also very important when applying this product, and directions on watering may need to be followed by the home owner after these applications.

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